Marlene Llanes

February 17, 2018

To whom it may concern,

Lisa Campell is a sincere, honest, and understanding woman and this comes across in her work as an interpreter and the founder of ACD. She handles herself with integrity and ease and always displays genuine care and concern for her deaf clients as well as the hearing community.

I believe that Lisa will be an invaluable source of knowledge and support to the interpreting community. I have had the privilege of working with her as a team and I can attest to Lisa’s indispensability. I have been privy to moments when Lisa establishes rapport with deaf clients and interpreters, always maintaining professionalism and ethics, such as when she ensured access for a deaf client who had limited language skills. This particular client was in need of a deaf interpreter for proper facilitation of communication, as the hearing interpreter would have been unable to properly interpret for them, and Lisa fought tooth and nail with the company to ensure that this basic access was provided, in spite of the fact that said company did not want to pay for a deaf interpreter. She has demonstrated exceptional moral character, personally and professionally. She is good-hearted, trustworthy, punctual, and effective.

As founder of ACD, an agency which contracts American Sign Language interpreters and ensures access for the deaf community, she has displayed exceptional leadership skills. She not only worked day and night to build the agency from the ground up, but she maintained a level of professionalism and juggled the care of her clientele, the deaf community, companies providing interpretation, and her interpreters, all the while ensuring the efficiency of the system not only maintained, but continued to grow.

Of course, this would not have worked out without all her experience as an ASL interpreter herself. She was able to put her interpreting skills to work, finding the right person for each situation and even rolling up her own sleeves from time to time, changing her managerial hat into a workman’s hat, so to speak.

Lisa Campbell is an impressive human being, deserving of all this praise and more. I can think of few people I would recommend as highly for anything related to ASL interpreting.

Marlene Llanes

Deaf Interpreter