Cultural Competence Training

Cultural Knowledge, Awareness, Sensitivity and Competence

Deaf/HoH individuals use sign language as their main means of communication. They do not view their deafness as a disability, just a difference in human experience. Deaf Hands Connection (DHC) is passionate about communication among the Deaf/HoH community and public or private entities. A deaf employee or client may communicate with a hearing person through a combination of methods such as signing, writing, speech, and lip reading. DHC’s cultural competency training will enable your staff to communicate effectively and confidently with deaf individuals. Quality is the number one priority at DHC. In order to meet or exceed an acceptable standard of quality, we work exclusively with nationally certified interpreters.

Deaf Hands Connection offers a variety of services to support your needs:

  •     Awareness training for co-workers of Deaf/Hard of Hearing employees
  •     Sensitivity training to provide better services to Deaf/Hard of Hearing customers and clients
  •     Establish interpreting policies for your company or organization
  •     ASL training and mentoring sessions for all levels
  •     Workshops and seminars