Our Mission

our mission

Our High Quality Interpreting

Deaf Hands Connection combines and enhances the expertise and experience of its specialists in order to be able to offer you a first-class all-round service. In doing so, Deaf Hands Connection provides the highest level of accuracy, quality, absolute reliability, and individualized service.
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Our Team

Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell

Founder/Senior Director
Thom Thrush

Thom Thrush

project manager
Dylan Campbell

Dylan Campbell

Customer Service Director

Overcome the Language Barrier with American Sign Language Translation Services

American Sign Language

Lisa Campbell is an asset to the Deaf community, interpreters, and consumers of interpreting service.

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Rose Coman, M.Ed, NIC

Certified Sign Language Interpreter, M.Ed, NIC

Lisa Campbell is a relentless pioneer for the ASL Interpreting Profession as well as the Deaf Community in South Florida for many years.

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Brenda Adkinson, BS, NIC, SC:L

Certified Sign Language Interpreter, BS, NIC, SC:L

Lisa Campbell is a sincere, honest, and understanding woman and this comes across in her work as an interpreter.

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Marlene Llanes

Deaf Interpreter


American Sign Language is a manual (hand) language with its own syntax and grammar, used in the United States mostly by the deaf or for communication with the deaf, in which gestures made with the hands symbolize words, alphabetical letters, or ideas, permitting rapid communication in the absence of speech.

An interpreter must accurately convey messages between two different languages. A sign language interpreter will work to ensure effective communication between individuals with who use sign language and those who don’t.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that any place of business (regardless of profit or non-profit status) cannot discriminate against any individual by denying them unequal access to the services or events.